Welcome to SaveAmerica.com's archive of our 2016 Presidential Report Card on the Natural Family, which contains the documented positions of President Donald Trump on 10 issues of moral importance to millions of families in the U.S.

The evidence shows that homosexuality, bisexuality, and transsexuality are unnatural, unhealthy, tyrannical, and unbiblical.  So be wise and don't support "LGBT rights" or the sexual indoctrination of children without first seeing these facts.

The bulk of social science evidence conclusively shows that children do best with a married father and mother all under the same roof.  This is not merely the ideal, but must be the high goal of all who support what's in the best interests of children.

Don't you wish candidates wouldn't deceive you, or that media would report candidates' real positions on family issues? Get the facts -- see our Report Card on the Natural Family, comparing Republican candidates Trump, Kasich, and Cruz.

Who are your "domestic enemies"?

What are the risks of placing the government higher than the family, the Church, and the Constitution?  Agenda 2 : Masters of Deceit , the sequel to Agenda: Grinding America Down , exposes real-life threats to your God-given liberties. WATCH THE TRAILER.