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​News Release -- January 26, 2016

Fact Check: Is Trump For or Against Family Values?

Most people don’t know that Donald Trump enjoys homosexual 'weddings,' and wants to make it a federal crime for not hiring homosexuals and transsexuals

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Sacramento, California -- A nonprofit, nonpartisan report card comparing the two leading Republican presidential candidates' public records to 9 family values and moral standards is questioning Donald Trump’s claim that he is a conservative. (Posted at

The 2016 Report Card on the Natural Family analyzes Trump and closest rival Ted Cruz on how much they will protect marriage for a man and a woman, protect people’s rights of conscience, and protect children with good role models.

Trump’s record is:

•    He wants a new federal law punishing private business owners who won't hire homosexuals or transsexuals
•    He is for open homosexuality and transsexuality in the U.S. military
•    He supports pro-“LGBT” “hate crime” laws
•    He opposes a constitutional amendment protecting marriage for only a man and a woman
•    He supports making every state perform homosexual “weddings”
•    He enjoyed attending a same-sex “marriage” ceremony.

In contrast, Cruz disagrees or likely disagrees with Trump on these issues of vital concern to pro-family voters. See the 2016 Report Card on the Natural Family at

"Talk is cheap and campaign promises are a little better," said President Randy Thomasson, a longtime West Coast pro-family leader and a registered independent. "But what you've done in the past is the most reliable indicator of what you'll do in the future. The leading Republican presidential candidates both say they support family values, but the actual records of Donald Trump and Ted Cruz reveal whether this is true or false."

See the positions of Trump and Cruz on 9 issues of concern to pro-family voters at is the national arm of, a leading West Coast nonprofit, nonpartisan organization representing children and families since 1999. We stand for marriage and family, parental rights, the sanctity of human life, religious freedom, financial freedom, and back-to-basics education. and provides this information solely for educational purposes and does not support or oppose candidates for public office.

# # # is the national arm of -- Campaign for Children and Families -- serving families since 1999. Below is our latest news release. 

To schedule an interview by phone, in-person, or from our Skype studio, call (916) 265-5650. spokesman Randy Thomasson® is a veteran pro-family leader and President of -- Campaign for Children and Families. 

Leading for family-friendly policies in government and the culture since 1994, Randy exposes what’s wrong or right with our government, urges lawmakers to respect and support family values, and empowers citizens to speak out for their values.

A voice of truth on a variety of social and moral issues impacting our nation, media and citizens alike know they can count on Randy to give it to them real and give it to them straight.

Previously, he served as talk-show host in Sacramento and news director and producer in Los Angeles. Randy holds a bachelor's degree in Radio/TV/Film, with a minor in Broadcast Journalism.

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